Does Applying Lemon on Your Face Help or Hurt Your Skin?

Does Applying Lemon on Your Face Help or Hurt Your Skin?

Does Applying Lemon on Your Face Help or Hurt Your Skin?

The Face is the center of attraction for our whole body, the skin is no doubt the most delicate part of our body which serves as a cover to our bones and as such must be handled with great care.

Does Applying Lemon on Your Face Help or Hurt Your Skin? Well is all depends on how you use it and today we will be discussing the benefits, side effects, daily use and how to use lemon for effective and efficient results.

Lemon is a specie of small evergreen tree in the flowering plant which belong to the family Rutaceae with the botanical name Citrus Limon. Medical research shows that lemon has lots of health benefits and side effects as well to the skin if not used properly. Below are some of the benefits and side effects of lemon to your skin.

health benefits of lemon on your skin are:

1. As a moisturizer, lemon is know to have strong antibacterial features that’s makes it perfect remedy for break out causing bacteria, its juice also contain vitamin C which act as an antioxidant that helps in reducing skin damage and premature signs of aging due to harmful effects of the sun. To use lemon as a moisturizer, mix few drops of coconut water with few drops of lemon juice and apply with caution, for coconut is known to hydrate your skin while lemon does the moisturizing.

2. As an exfoliator, lemon is known to contain AHA which is responsible for exfoliating dead skin cells thereby giving room for growth of new skin cells. To use lemon as an exfoliator, mix few drops of lemon juice with few teaspoons of brown sugar to form a paste and scrub with caution.

3. As a teeth whitener, lemon is also used as a home remedy for whitening of teeth, mix few drops of lemon juice with baking soda and apply with caution on your teeth using a toothbrush, rinse thoroughly with water.

4. As a skin brightener, lemons are rich in vitamin c and citric acid which is known to brighten and lighten the skin when used overtime. vitamin c is a great antioxidant and a great neutralizing agent for free radicals and to boost collagen production, it also reduces the skin melanin.

5. As beakhead treatment, lemons are great in treatment of blackheads and that is because it contains citric acid, a natural form of alfa hydroxyl acid (AHA). For best result, slice a few lemon and moisture over your black head-ridden spot to let the AHA work its magic.

6. As a toner, lemon is also known to balance the Ph value of the skin thereby making it a perfect toner. To use, mix few drops of tea tree oil, few drops of lemon and few drops of distilled water, apply on a cotton pads to clean the face and keep it toned.

7. As acne treatment, due to its high acidic level, lemon is known to have high PH level which helps to prevent inflammation and oil which is known to cause acne.

8. As dandruff treatment, lemon is also known to be a good remedy for dandruff treatment since it alleviate skin patches associated with dandruff.

Lemon when  not used properly can cause Scars, blemishes and these scars can last for several months or years, so its advisable to take note of these signs especially for sensitive skins.

Side effects of lemon to your skin are:

excessive use of lemon due to its high acidic level can lead to the following reactions below especially for sensitive skin

1. dryness

2 itching

3. burning

4. redness

5. killing good bacterial

6. stinging

7. hyperpigmentation

Daily use of lemon:

You can use few slice of lemon on your face or skin, but its advisable you discontinue once you see your desired result.

how to use lemon on your are:

1. It is advisable you do a patch test before proceedings with the application.

2. Apply few drops of lemon juice on a cotton ball and gentle apply on your desired area of skin without pressure.

3. Discontinue once you see your desired result or any side effect.

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