Everything you need to know about hypertension

Everything you need to know about hypertension

Everything you need to know about hypertension, well lets start by defining hypertension which is known as high blood pressure as a silent killer, since it has no initial symptoms or signs can lead to other health difficulties and increase ones vulnerability to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and sometimes death. High blood blood pressure is known to be leading cause of preventable heart failure, stroke and mortality.

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Blood pressure is defined as the pressure of the blood within the arteries, it forces the blood against the walls of the blood vessels and pumps blood into every organ of the body from top of the head to the feet. Blood pressure is at it’s peak as it leaves the heart through the aorta and reduces as it enters into the smaller vessels. With the help of gravity and muscle contraction, blood is returned back into the veins leading to the heart.

Recent research shows that more than 50% of adults in the United States of America have high blood pressure, but a lot of them are ignorant of this fact.

Hypertension is the principal risk factor for so many disease like cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure and excessive swelling of the wall of an artery known as aneurysm. Having blood pressure under control is very important for maintaining good health and reducing the chances of these dangerous health conditions.

In this article, we will explain the causes, diagnosis, treatments and how to manage Hypertension in other to keep it within a normal range.


Causes of hypertension is sometimes not known since its a silent killer but in several cases, it is the result of an underlying health condition.

According to medical experts, it is called primary hypertension when it’s not due to an underlying health condition. When it is caused by an underlying health condition, it is known as secondary hypertension.

Factors that causes primary hypertension are:

1. Increase in blood plasma volume sometimes due to hormone activity.

2. Some  environmental factors like stress, lack of adequate sleep and exercise.

3. Kidney disease is the leading cause of high blood pressure, resulting from the inability of the kidney to filter out fluid.

4. Diabetes resulting from kidney problem and nerve damage.

5. Age. Research shows that adult between the ages of 50years and above have higher chances of hypertension as a result of the increase in blood pressure with age.

It is almost impossible to detect hypertension because it’s called “silent killer” but regular check of blood pressure will help.


1. Sweating

2. Inability to sleep

3. Anxiety

4. Blushing.

However most individuals might not experience any of these symptoms.


1. Physical exercise. Experts recommend regular physical exercise of  at least 150 minutes normal intensity every week or 75minutes high intensity exercise a week. Exercises like jogging, walking, cycling or swimming.

2. Stress reduction. Managing stress can help control blood pressure.

3. Meditation.

4. Warm baths and yoga can help relieve stress.

5. Avoid junk foods.

Hypertension can be managed by following a hearty healthy diet and a good routine lifestyle.


1. Reduction of salt intake. World Health Organization (WHO) recommend salt intake of less than 5g per day unlike the normal 9g to 12g per day we are used to in other to reduce the risk of hypertension and other related health issues. Reducing salt intake is also recommend for those not suffering from hypertension.

2. Eating more fruits, vegetables and less of fatty foods. It’s recommended that people with high blood pressure should eat less of fatty foods and more of whole grain, high fiber foods, fruits, vegetables, beans, pulses, nuts, non-tropical vegetable oils like olive oil, skinless poultry, fish, low fat diary products and foods rich in omega-3 at least twice every week.

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