Help yourself by showing kindness to others

Help yourself by showing kindness to others

Help yourself by showing kindness to others

Help yourself by showing kindness to others. Someone might find this statement funny of confusing but it is not. Rather, the above statement is the true reality of life. We rise by lifting other people.

First, what is kindness? according to the oxford dictionary, kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. Do not find this article confusing for we help ourselves a great deal by being friendly, generous and considerate to others.

Here is the how:

  1. Being friendly simply means treating others as if they were your own people, being nice to them irrespective of their color, religion or background. Treat them as you would treat your own.
  2. Being generous mean to lend a helping hands to others be it financially or otherwise. Never withholding help from anyone because you were given that opportunity to be able to assist others, other people need you to survive. There is this popular African adage that says “escort a poor man home and God will carry you on two eagles wing back home” Often times we help others simply because of what we might gain from them. The sad truth is is that you being generous does not require helping others alone, generosity goes beyond that. It is helping others without expecting anything in return because it is not in their place to reward you, they can never really repay you. Most times when we help people and they turn around to to treat us bad, we tend to be frustrated, regretting our generosity but that should not be so. In other to be happy being generous to others whether they acknowledge it or not, we must stop expecting any form of gratitude or repayment from them.
  3. Being considerate, haa! hmmmm! for us to be considerate means to love others as self, putting yourself in their shoe, helping others even when it is not suitable for you. Being considerate is a selfless act.

You might be wondering what connection this has to do with helping ourselves right? Well, it has everything to do with it. Showing kindness to others is a way of you telling the universe to bless or help you giving them lots of reasons to do that.

Let us consider this illustration, kindness is like a web connecting one person to another thereby creating a chain with no end that will eventually come back to you someday. For better understanding of this article, permit me to share a story with us. This is a story or Mr. A who is the chief doctor in a community hospital, being so unfair to his patients, he will connive with the nurses to collect bribe from patients before attending to them not considering the patients state of health. One day after close of work, Mr. A got home and not find his only son, Mr. A tried calling his son but the boy was not responding to his call. He assumed the son probably went to play with the neighbors, little did he know that the boy was hit by a car and rushed to the same hospital where Mr. A works but the poor boy was refused treatment despite his critical health condition because the good Samaritan that brought him to the hospital refused giving bribe. Fortunately for Mr. A, someone picked the phone and informed him of his sons condition, immediately he heard the son has not been attended to, Mr. A was furious at himself for setting such rule or standards the first place and promised himself to do better by serving his patients the way he aught to. The boy was finally attended to after Mr. A spoke with the nurse on duty informing her that the boy was his son. After that incident, Mr. A learnt his lesson the hard way, became extremely nice to patients, no longer taking bribe before attending to patients. Let me leave us with this question, what if the boy had died due to unnecessary delay at the hospital .

So you see! when we help others we are unaware of the fact that we are helping ourselves in disguise.

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