Who is a writer

Who is a writer

Who is a writer

I have heard so many people ask this question and there can never be a better time to explain who is writer actually is than now. Cambridge dictionary defines a writer as a person who writes books or articles to be published. Well, in a general term or lay mans language, a writer is a person who communicates his or her thoughts with others in form of books, articles, poems, stories or essay.

Who is a writer? A writer speaks to generations to come, there is an African adage that says “preachers speak to a congregation but a writer speaks to generations unborn”. That adage is very true and here is the meaning; A preacher preaches to people he sees and he or she speaks to them according to their present need or desire but a writer communicates his or her thoughts down in a book and you never can tell generations after the writer is gone might still read that written piece and it continues to speak to others long after the writer is gone.

We will discuss types of writers and what their job descriptions are.

Types of writer:

  1. Copy writer
  2. Story writer
  3. Essay writer
  4. Article writer
  5. Anonymous writer
  6. Aspiring writer
  7. Accomplished writer

Job description of the above listed types of writers are:

  1. A copy writer is a person who communicates his or thoughts in a persuasive way that it makes the buy or invest in things you never thought of doing. Funny right! well copy writers know the power of persuasion and they use that pretty well when communicating their thoughts they make sure to meet your need so that way you will feel the need to buy the service they are offering you believing it is the best for you and that they re doing you a favor. Hahahahahahahah!
  2. A story writer is a person who communicates his or thoughts in scene and events whether fiction or non fiction. A story writer can imagine and communicate an event to his or her audience that will look like a real life event but sometimes those events are not real. Story writing has a lot to do with imagination
  3. An essay writer is a person who communicates his or her thoughts in an argumentative or narrative way to convince his or readers or audience.
  4. An article writer is a person who communicates his or her thoughts in short write ups to motivate or inspire his audience.
  5. Anonymous writer. According to Cambridge dictionary, an anonymous writer is someone whose name is not known or not made public. With this definition at hand, I would rather say that an anonymous writer is someone who communicates his or her thoughts without making his or her identity known or public. This type of writers often communicate their thoughts in disguise due to reasons best known to them.
  6. Aspiring writers! I have heard so many people laugh at those new babies in writing , discrediting their hard work and making them feel less of themselves or their passion. You must know that we all started somewhere, no forest was built in a day, they need to be given opportunity to communicate their thought for by so doing, they will not only impact the world and generations to come with their thoughts but also master the act of communicating their thoughts in a written form.
  7. Accomplished writers are those who are pros or experienced in communicating their thoughts to others. They have been active in the business of communicating their thoughts for years

Whatever the case may be, be it an anonymous, aspiring or experienced writer, every writer speaks or will one day speak to generations unborn.

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