Secret Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Secret Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Secret Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Do you know that moderate intake of red wine could be healthy? It has lots of health benefits like promoting heart health and fighting against some forms of cancer. Therefore, average consumption of red wine is important.

In this article, we bring you every secret you need to know about red wine and how it can be beneficial to your health.

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Secret Benefits of Drinking Red Wine. But before that, our sound understanding of what red wine is and their varieties will be helpful. Red wine is a type of wine made from grape varieties and as such, the color of the wine differs too. Ranging from intense violet for young red wines, brick red for mature red wines, and brown for older red wines. The whole process of red wine making is interesting, starting from the handpicking of the grapes to bottling is worth telling. Generally, red wines are made by crushing and fermenting grapes of different colors. Red wines normally have 11 to 15 percent of alcohol, one glass of red wine is said to contain more than 125calories and about 3.8g of Carbohydrates with no cholesterol.

Types of red wine:

There are different types of red wine with their uniqueness. Below are the most popular types of red wines.

1. Syrah, they are used to produce some of the red wines with intense flavors and longevity due to its spicy and hearty nature. They are also called Shiraz.

2. Merlot, it is used to produce wines for new wine drinkers due to it’s softness.

3. Cabernet, it is used to produce wines that usually undergo oat treatment. It is one of the world’s best varieties.

4. Malbec, it originated from Bordeaux in France and it is usually blended with Merlot and Cabernet.

5. Pinot noir, it is one of the noblest red wines which it’s great feature has made it difficult to grow.

6. Zinfandel, it is the world’s most common type of red wine.

7. Sangiovese, this is used for Italian style cuisines.

8. Barbera, it has similar feature like Merlot.

Red wine is know for it’s richness and benefits due to some of its components like grapes which are rich in antioxidants like catechins, resveratrol which is the antioxidants from grape skin that is responsible for anti-aging and healthy heart, eoicatechin and poroanthocyanidins which help reduce the risk of heart disease, flavonoids which gives the wine it’s rich red color and sugar. These antioxidants also help to fight against free radicals damage.

Dry red wine contains 4g of sugar per litre, medium red wine contains 4 to 12g of sugar per litre and sweet red wine contains 45g of sugar per litre.

Benefits of red wines:

1. Red wines helps to give a healthy heart. The antioxidants in red wines can help increase the level of good cholesterol like lipoprotein or HDL. Less cholesterol build up prevents heart disease thereby making red wines good choice in preventing risk of heart disease. In all, moderation is key therefore not more than one glass of red wine daily  is recommend.

2. Red wines help to fight cancer. Research by the University of Rochester Medical Center proves that the resveratrol in red wines help destroy pancreatic cancer cells. This is achieved by the antioxidants crippling the function of the cells core energy source. Doctors sometimes advice patients to drink more of red wines during cancer treatment. Study shows that at least one glass of red wine a week helps to reduce risk of bowel cancer. Research by the Harvard Medical School also records that red wines reduce the possibility of prostate cancer.

3. Red wines help prevent high blood pressure and stroke due to its ability to reduce stress. Serving a glass of red wine at night can help you relax better, for a glass of red wine daily helps to reduce risk of ischemic stroke by 10 percent.

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