Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

We all know the popular weight-loss slogan which says “Move more and eat less”. And though they go side by side but does not necessary have to go together, they don’t need to be treated equally. As a matter of fact, it is very possible to lose weight without exercise. Let us explain.

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Firstly, we are not disputing the fact that exercise is good for maintaining a healthy balance and keeping fit, however, lots of research have unmasked proof that one can lose weight without exercise because, exercise alone may not be the best way to lose weight.

A lot of weight loss plan suggest that the more you work out, the more calories or fats you will burn, and the more you will lose weight. But recently a study published in current biology discovered that the above ideology may not necessary be true. The scientists discovered that the more regular you work out, your body gets adapted to this new level of activeness, which as a result, may lead to decreasing the total number of calories your body needs.

This article is not in any way saying that exercise is not important for keeping our body and mind healthy and balance. But we should not forget the fact that we need to focus on diet, especially when it comes to managing our weight or preventing unhealthy weight gain.

More so research shows that exercise can lessen the effectiveness of weight loss by making you hungrier and can deceive you into thinking it’s ok to indulge in junk foods either because you have created a calorie deficit or as a reward for exercise. Junk foods are known to contain more calories thereby making you eat more calories than you burn.

Although exercise can for sure help in building fat burning muscles, it may not cause your waistline to lessen as much as your diet will.

With reasonable doubt we now know that eating less should come first in our weight loss agenda. Your wondering where to start? not to worry because in this article you will discover some weight loss secret that can help you drop some pounds through diet change as well as lifestyle and eating habit changes.

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How to lose weight without exercise:

1. Getting a good night rest. Want to lose weight? your first form of resisting attack is to eat less and get a good night’s sleep, because when you deny your body quality sleep at night it tends to increase the level of hungry hormone ghrelin and reduces the satiety hormone leptin which result to unignorable hunger. In addition, when you deprive yourself of good night sleep you tend to crave more fatty foods, high calories and unhealthy foods, as a result you will not only eat more food , but you will be eating more junk foods.

2. Drinking enough water. A study in the journal physiology and behavior shows that about 60% of times we eat as a result of thirst should be used in drinking water instead. this misconception is as a result of the fact that the same part of our brain controls hunger and thirst and often times mixes up the information conveyed. Keeping a bottle of water handy helps you respond to thirst correctly and helps you lose weight.

3. Go on diary fat. Dairy fat? astonished to hear this, according to a European journal of nutrition study proves that those who eat full fat dairy tends to lose weight than those who eat non fatty foods. Because, fat free food does not necessarily express fat free body. Research shows that non fatty foods are less satisfying as a result of their low fat content and are known to digest slowly thereby making you fuller for longer time. Many non fatty foods are made with waist widening artificial ingredients.

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