What Is Love?

What Is Love?

What Is Love? Love is a set of feeling and behavior characterized by passion, intimacy, commitment. Love has to do with great care for another, closeness, attraction, protectiveness, affection and trust. Love comes in different intensity and can change with time, it also has to do with positive feelings of happiness, excitement, life satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Love is one of the most important human emotions and it is one of the essence of living. Despite being one of the essence of living and most studied behavior, it is still the least understood. Recently, researchers debate whether love is a biological or cultural phenomenon. Well, love is both influenced by biological drives and cultural influences because while hormones are necessary in the way we express and experience love, love is also influenced by our personal believe.

In this article, we will talk about the types of love, how do you know your in love, impacts of love, how to show love and reasons for love.

Types of love:

Love is a universal thing but it comes in different intensities, take a look.

1. Erotic love. It is derived from a Greek word. Named after Greek fertility and considered as a sexual passion. Erotic love viewed as fiery and dangerous since it is appreciative of all pleasures.

2. Agape love. It is considered the greatest of the several types of love by everyone because it is the most radical and selfless type of love, extended to all people be it family, friends and even strangers too. It is coiled from the Latin word Caritas which means charity. Regardless of circumstances, this love seeks to serve all, it is a universal love shown to all people in the world.

3. Friendship love. It was formed between two brothers who fought sided by side on the battlefield, it is a symbol of their loyalty, sacrifices and emotions to each other. In Greek, friendship love is considered the second type of love valued more than the sexuality base of Eros. It is seen in most friendship in the world today.

4. Playful love. It is known as uncommitted type of love formed between children or younger generation.

5. Self love. Realized by the Greek, it can be associated with narcissism which makes one self-obsessed and focused on personal fame or fortune.

6. Affection love. This is the kind of love referred to as infatuation, it is characterized by attraction and fondness. Affection can be communicated through words, touches or gestures.

7. Human bonding. Bonding is an interactive process characterized by emotions and trust, this type of love is mostly seen among family members, friends and groups. Any two people who spend time with each other will eventually be be bonded to each other. This type of love is what drives family.

8. Compassionate love. It is also called altruistic love.

9. Conjugal love. This type of love is experienced by everyone at one stage, couples who experience love and not get married can be said to have experienced conjugal love. It is also called compassionate love and it is intimacy with passion.

10. Love triangle. This type of love is referred as a romantic triangle which involves three partners.

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How do you know your in love?

There are no specific rules or guidelines on how we should show love to one another because everyone’s love language isn’t the same. notwithstanding, you know your in love when you are passionate about speaking your partners love language, and when you are willing to treat others as self.

Impacts of love: 

The impacts of love can never be over emphasized. Love is like a master, it lowers the risk of heart attack, it eases stress, depression and it increases longevity.

How to show love:

You know your in love when you see yourself doing the following.

1.Willing to forgive

2. Willing to be vulnerable and not always being on the defensive side.

3.Wiling to trust.

4. Willing to give because love is all about giving.

Reasons for love:

We do not need any reason to love. Love is one of the essence of living, it is the greatest commandment on which other laws depend on.

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